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Coronavirus: Tips When Working From Home

With the current situation around Coronavirus, many workplaces and venues made a tough and rightful decision to temporarily close their doors (that is to promote social distancing) based on the recommendations from local and federal health authorities. That means many people are now required to work from home until COVID-19 is under control.

Last week, we shared our risks and recommendations for businesses in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak. Since many organizations elected to have most of their staff work remotely, we feel it is important to provide a few simple yet essential tips for everyone who is working from home.

This way everyone can stay safe will keeping productive.

Here are some suggestions when working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak:

Ensure that your home workspace is comfortable

Be it a chair, desk, monitor, room, surroundings or anything else – make sure its comfortable. This way you will be more focused and productive.

Remember: you may be sitting for extended periods of time. Couches and kitchen chairs seem comfortable at first, but may affect your posture and put extra pressure on your body.

Take breaks every so often and go out

Quarantines and remote work mean that you will have to spend time on both personal and business activities at home.

This puts an extra pressure on your mental health.

Be it kids, pets, cup of coffee or all together – make sure you pause for a few minutes and focus on something that’s not work-related.

Have a backyard or terrace? Great!

This way you can shift your attention to something else while having a breath of fresh air (don’t forget to wash your hands upon returning home).

Keep security in mind

Even with recent hectic developments in everyone’s lives, it’s important to keep security in mind. That is when you are working from home, you need to make sure that internal company information is accessed and transmitted in a secure way. For instance, using VPN can certainly help with that.

Talk to others and keep positive

Last but not least, it is definitely a unique and difficult situation that we are in. Social distancing and isolation are tough yet important.

This, however, does NOT mean that you cannot call, text or video chat with your friends and colleagues to share your thoughts and experiences. And this also does NOT mean that you need to feel panicked or depressed.

It is hard, we totally agree, but a positive and open mindset will help us get through it together.

The greatest wealth is health

We hope that things get back to normal for everyone soon. In the meantime, please follow the health authorities’ guidelines and best practices to combat Coronavirus and keep positive.

Remember: the greatest wealth is health.

Stay safe and stay productive.

P.S.: here is useful information on prevention and updates of COVID-19:

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