Celebrating a milestone achievement!

This year Genieall is celebrating an important milestone. A milestone that speaks volumes about our team’s passion, commitment, and hard work. A milestone that reflects our client’s trust and confidence.

This year Genieall celebrates 10 years in business.

That is not just 10 years – it is 4 offices, over 90 clients, 3 provinces, 2 continents, 19 time zones, a half-dozen children and 1 unfortunate pandemic… It is lives lived, difficulties overcome, and joys celebrated by a group of diverse, empathetic, flexible, industrious, and customer-focused people. And people are what Genieall is all about. It is not easy for a technology company to put people first, but we made sure of it by making “people” first in our corporate values. In an industry that is as dynamic and fast as the IT industry, our values remain the rock that grounds us. While we learn, evolve, and incorporate novel technologies for our customers, we remain true to ensuring that it is the technology that is in the service of the people, not the other way around.

At Genieall we make IT wishes come true, and over the past 10 years, we have done it over 100 000 times. Even though 100 000 was an exciting milestone, we look forward to the opportunity to grant 1 Million IT wishes as we gear up to meet the challenges of the next 10 years.

A warm thank you to all our past and present teammates, partners, and customers – without you, none of this would be possible!

Here’s to a bright future!

About Genieall

Incorporated in 2012, Genieall Corporation is a privately-owned Canadian IT Services and Consulting company.  Being an ISO 27001 certified organization, Genieall provides managed and IT consulting services to companies in the Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, and Finance verticals.

Genieall understands that IT infrastructure is fundamental to your business. For that reason, Genieall typically establishes trust with our clients by demonstrating our capabilities.

This is usually accomplished through a small engagement, urgent support requirement or consultation.

From there, our customers look to expand the support service to include both project and operational support using our Rightsourcing Model. (using the right balance of internal and external resources)

Throughout the process, Genieall’s culture of transparency, Customer-First approach along with our service model help us to establish and maintain trust.

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