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5 Reasons Your Organization Should Consider an IT Services Provider

All organizations have a turning point where they may require a helping hand with new technologies, processes and other factors to better support continual growth.

For example, you may notice that your in-house IT department cannot keep pace with growing technology requirements and service requests. Or perhaps, you are having difficulty keeping IT costs under control with the multitude of available solutions, many of which have overlapping features and functions.

As a result, many companies tend to partner with an IT services provider to benefit from their expertise and address any technology, staffing, or compliance requirements.

But how do you know if your company needs an IT services provider? When does this aha moment come where an organization goes on the lookout for an IT partner?

Here are 5 reasons your organization should consider an IT services provider.

IT Services Provider

Your Business is Expanding and Needs More Sophisticated Systems

Many organizations find themselves in the situation where current technology is no longer able to support their needs. For instance, the current network setup which was established a few years ago and designed to support up to 50 users, does not seem to be scalable enough to support your current environment of 100 staff.

Since then, the technology has made a few steps forward, and it may be now hard to find the right networking tools and solutions that meet both business requirements and budget (not to mention all the effort to deploy a new solution).

In this case, an experienced IT partner can help you find and implement the right technology mix (be it cloud, on premise, or a combination of both) which will improve your day-to-day operations and help your organization sustain further growth.

Your IT environment should not let you down.” 

You Want to Have Control Over IT Budget 

Spending less on troubleshooting and downtime means more time and, in some cases, money to put back into the organization. Having the flexibility of fixed vs variable cost can be an advantage to companies that need to be able to forecast the impact of growth on the bottom line.

When it comes to budget time, it can be easy to predict impact of budget down to the very granular level. Many IT services providers offer per unit pricing (per user/per device/per server) which lends itself well to developing an accurate budget.

Partnership with an IT services provider can give your organization the ability to forecast your IT spending, which helps identify areas for optimization and plan for future business initiatives.

Your In-House IT Department is Overwhelmed 

An overwhelmed internal IT team can be stretched to provide support for new initiatives and projects if they are focusing on firefighting on a day-to-day basis. The first sign that your in-house IT team may need a helping hand with managing your IT environment is an increasing number of user issues and downtimes.

Downtime means decreased productivity and lost revenue (and in some cases damage to company’s reputation).

Partnering with an IT services provider can complement your IT team, save you money and give access to skilled professionals who will ensure your systems are always up and running. Moreover, many IT providers are typically authorized to source and implement leading products. They can also help you identify solutions to meet your budget (e.g. Microsoft 365). 

This way you and your team have peace of mind and more time to focus on core business objectives.

You Are Security Conscious 

In today’s fast-evolving cyber space, IT security is more important than ever. New cyber threats and risks emerging daily may put the integrity of your organization’s data and systems in jeopardy.

Having the right processes and systems in place is essential to ensuring the IT security of your organization.

This is where an IT services provider can be a valuable ally who has access to the leading technology to protect your company from the latest threats.

Your IT partner can also provide visibility into your IT environment, identify any IT risks that your company may be exposed to and secure your data and systems.

You Are Concerned With Compliance Requirements 

Your industry adopts a new standard, and every company (yours included) will have to be compliant by the specific due date. Otherwise, you are at risk of facing hefty sanctions, or worse, losing clients. Sounds quite stressful, doesn’t it?

Ensuring that your organization complies with new rules and regulations is no easy feat. Often, companies must comply with multiple frameworks, many of which have overlapping requirements, making it a daunting and ambiguous task.

In many cases, technology controls make up more than half of any standard or regulation. This means that the administrative burden on the IT team can be quite heavy.

Believe it or not, an IT services provider can assist your organization to meet the required level of compliance. This usually involves planning, establishing policies/processes, deploying any necessary technology, and ensuring that your organizational framework matches the outlined requirements.

Final Thoughts 

It is clear that many organizations depend heavily on technology to operate. With more people working remotely, the strain on technology and support staff has never been higher (not to mention ever increasing cyber threats).

This is where a reputable IT services provider can make a difference in terms of health, security, support, compliance, and efficiency of your IT environment.

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