Genieall Corporation Receives ISO 27001 Certification

Genieall becomes one of first Managed IT Services and Consulting companies in North America to receive ISO 27001 Certification.

ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard to define the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is implemented to ensure strict information security controls. This rigorous certification process touches all aspects of Genieall operations, from its internal processes to its physical infrastructure and extends to every level of an organization’s IT infrastructure stack, including asset management, access control and human resources security.

“We feel it is of utmost importance for Genieall to adhere to international standards as it relates to protection of our client and employee information,” says Nils Madi, Principal Consultant.  “It is a long and intense process but, in the end, a third-party audit of our systems provides a high level of assurance to our customers that Genieall has met the highest information security standards in the industry.”

Hard Work Pays Off

Genieall went through the rigorous process to review risk and develop the necessary policies and controls in order to help prepare for the audit that was conducted by BSI Group, a leading provider of independent third-party certification of management systems. Information security is a broad category that covers network and physical access control, all levels of system redundancy and the protection of information from corruption or loss, all tested through extensive disaster recovery procedures.  ISO touches upon everything that might impact Genieall’s ability to deliver a guaranteed service to its customers.

The audit process does not end upon certification, but is conducted annually with the goal of continual improvement, a theme central to Genieall’s service model and covers Genieall’s offices and data centre locations.

ISO 27001 is another layer of value Genieall delivers to customers who choose to rightsource their IT model using its services. Clients who are required to be ISO 27001 compliant can avoid this costly certification process by partnering with Genieall. Essentially, a client can leverage Genieall as an IT service provider and indicate to auditors, clients, and other external parties that their IT services and practices are ISO 27001 compliant – backed by Genieall’s services.

Genieall Team is planning to share our road to this certification in a series of blog posts in 2019. Please stay tuned.

About Genieall

Incorporated in 2012, Genieall Corporation is a privately owned Canadian IT Service and Consulting company.  Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Genieall provides managed and IT consulting services to companies in the Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, and Finance verticals.

Genieall understands that IT infrastructure is fundamental to your business. For that reason, Genieall typically establishes trust with our clients by demonstrating our capabilities.

This is usually accomplished through a small engagement, urgent support requirement or consultation.

From there, our customers look to expand the support service to include both project and operational support using our Rightsourcing Model. (using the right balance of internal and external resources)

Throughout the process, Genieall’s culture of transparency, Customer-First approach along with our service model help us to establish and maintain trust.

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