Genieall Announces Partnership with Phoenix Contact Canada

Genieall is excited to announce a new partnership with Phoenix Contact Canada.

With a focus on Cybersecurity and Industry 4.0 adoption, the combination of Phoenix Contact technology and Genieall innovative design, implementation and support capabilities will enable our clients to access innovative solutions via implementation of trend-setting connection and automation technology.

By partnering with Phoenix Contact Canada, Genieall has expanded its capabilities to help meet industrial connectivity and security needs of our clients and provide the following benefits:

  • Smart Technology: Digitalization of building automation for intelligent and safe buildings with increased comfort and cost-effective building operation.
  • Advanced Security: Establishment of 360° security, which simplifies the protection of systems and secures them from all sides via implementation of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Optimization: Process optimization through the parallel recording of operating and machine data.

Becoming a Phoenix Contact Canada partner was a natural fit”, says Nils Madi, CEO at Genieall. “Given our team’s experience with supporting various industrial environments, partnering with Phoenix Contact Canada allows us to expand our service offering to OT/ICS clients with leading cybersecurity and Industry 4.0 solutions.”

Industrial security and automation are not the only areas Genieall focuses on. The ISO 27001 certified IT services provider is also recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Productivity and holds Silver status in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. This demonstrates a broad range of services offered to improve operational efficiency, information security and productivity for existing and potential clientele. 

About Phoenix Contact Canada

Phoenix Contact is a global, market leader based in Germany. The group is known for its future oriented components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. Phoenix Contact supports the digital transformation with products, systems and solutions that combine to produce innovative, solution-oriented systems.

About Genieall

Incorporated in 2012, Genieall Corporation is a privately-owned Canadian IT Service and Consulting company.  Being an ISO 27001 certified organization, Genieall provides managed and IT consulting services to companies in the Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, and Finance verticals.

Genieall understands that IT infrastructure is fundamental to your business. For that reason, Genieall typically establishes trust with our clients by demonstrating our capabilities.

This is usually accomplished through a small engagement, urgent support requirement or consultation.

From there, our customers look to expand the support service to include both project and operational support using our Rightsourcing Model. (using the right balance of internal and external resources)

Throughout the process, Genieall’s culture of transparency, Customer-First approach along with our service model help us to establish and maintain trust.

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